Enterprise Zones

You could be in the ideal position for business growth. (All eight Opportunity Florida counties contain Enterprise Zones)

If your business is located in a designated Enterprise Zone, then you're already in a prime location for business success.

Developed with business in mind, Enterprise Zones offer advantages not found elsewhere. Make the most of your Enterprise Zone. We will help you to utilize all tax credits, refunds and exemptions your company is qualified to receive.

Specific incentives available in Enterprise Zones...

  1. Enterprise Zone Jobs Tax Credit
  2. Enterprise Zone Jobs Tax Credit (Corporate Income Tax)
  3. Enterprise Zone Property Tax Credit (Corporate) (Form 1158z)
  4. Community Contribution Tax Credit Program
  5. Sales Tax Refund for Business Machinery and Equipment Used in an Enterprise Zone
  6. Sales Tax Refund for Building Materials Used in an Enterprise Zone
  7. Sales Tax Exemption for Electrical Energy Used in an Enterprise Zone
  8. County Enterprise Zone Maps (provided by Enterprise Florida)