Employee Training

Whether a new company, or an existing business, help is available that can provide both employees and cash assistance to the company. In rural areas most of the businesses are small companies that don't have large human resource staffs, but a human resource staff is available in our rural counties that provides assistance in the hiring process at no cost to the company. In fact, in some cases this Work Force Board service staff will provide assistance in accessing incentives available to firms hiring new employees.

What is this tremendous asset available in your community?

Your local One-Stop Career Center has these services and many more. In some areas your One-Stop Center may be called a Workforce Center, but under either name this local asset can help you screen employees to make sure they can perform that desired tasks, and keep you informed about tax refunds that are available for hiring qualified individuals.

These One-Stop Centers are operated through contracts awarded by your local workforce development board. The Opportunity Florida region has several One-Stop Centers available to serve local employers.

The One Stop may be able to advertise a job position, handle all of the applications, recruit labor, pre-screen applicants for necessary skills and provide your new or existing company with a list of qualified applicants. Prescreening may include typing tests, hand/eye coordination testing and dexterity testing.

These services come with an additional benefit. Employees at the local One-Stop can help you identify those workers that, upon hiring, will provide you with additional tax incentives. Certain individuals, if hired, may qualify a company to receive tax refunds of up to $8,500 per employee. The first step to gaining these available tax refunds is to call you local workforce development board at one of the numbers listed at the end of this Web Page.

Employees of your local One-Stop Center will also be able to provide you with more information about funds available for On the Job Training, work supplementation or other programs. You may already be hiring individuals that qualify your company for financial incentives.

Remember, a strong economic development/job creation effort doesn't end with landing the company. This effort has to continue to provide assistance throughout the life span of the company. Part of this assistance is available, at no cost, through your local One-Stop Career Center.

If you are an employer, or if you no an employer that could use these services, please direct them to your local One-Stop/Workforce Center or have them call one of these numbers.